Short interview about politics

February 25, 2017


TV reporter, microphone in hand, interviews a local dude at a watering hole in a random suburb. “Can you tell me why you voted for Trump, sir?” “Because he’s not a politician,” the man answers without hesitation. Pause, uncertainty. “Does that mean you’d vote for a garbage man, soccer mom, or ax murderer if they […]

Barack Obama — Last US President?

February 7, 2017


Did you know there was a blind Bulgarian prophet (Baba Vagna) who predicted the 44th president (Obama) would be black, and that he would be the last president of the United States? Of course, she also predicted that in 4302-4674, humans would assimilate with aliens, but we do indeed live in a strange universe. Analyzing […]

It’s all just so ironic

January 12, 2017


Isn’t it ironic – don’t you think – that the guy who got elected president was the one previously railing against the election as being ‘rigged’ (if he lost)? Now – at least based on what the ‘experts’ say about Russian hacking, etc. – we know that it was rigged, but for his benefit! Another […]

Democracy is melting down

January 10, 2017


So let me get this straight. The new “president” of the United States is not only disputing the findings of his own government’s intelligence agencies to make himself look better, but his admin is also forcing through the nomination of cabinet members who’ve not yet been vetted by the Ethics Office, while making diplomats vacate […]

One of the many incredible benefits of modern technology!

September 10, 2016


Here’s another great thing about technology: it makes you as distracted as getting drunk does. Seriously, if you’re behind the wheel of a car and texting your buddies about what time you want to see a movie later, you’re equally as distracted as somebody that just got wasted at a bar and decided to drive […]

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The days of walking down the street in a straight line are coming to an end

August 29, 2016


You know what’s annoying? Walking behind someone in a confined space (like a narrow sidewalk) who’s staring at their phone. You want to walk around them, but since they’re not paying attention to anything around them, they lazily zigzag back and forth across the pavement, leaving you stuck there like a car behind a drunken […]

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A message from your local sponsor

December 25, 2015


Recycling is good for the environment, but not for a heavily anticipated ‘space-opera’ movie shrouded in secrecy. WARNING: SPOILER ALERT (wait, is anyone actually reading this?) First of all, let me just say that I wish I didn’t feel so strongly about the “The Force Awakens”. I’m not sure why that’s happened, and really wish […]

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Your name is MUD, pana

December 7, 2015


I’m sure the five or so people that read this blog are tired of hearing about Venezuela by now. But this is something I’ve never seen before in my lifetime (at least since I started following the political situation there), so I thought I should mention it — the opposition has won a resounding victory […]

Busan, South Korea

November 5, 2015


South Korean culture is fascinating. People wear big round glasses and cut their bangs in a perfectly straight line; TV is full of wacky shows (I watched a thoroughly entertaining DJ version of Survivor, and an odd game show where the contestants had to identify a pop star from a karaoke imitator based on the […]

Imperialist money-runner

October 24, 2015


You know a blog’s getting boring when it’s just re-posting news articles from the Internet. But I just couldn’t resist this one about about Venezuela from the NYTimes, a newspaper that normally goes to absurd lengths to seem ‘objective’ (does that viewpoint really exist?). The article paints a brutal picture of the economic reality of […]